Empowering Recent Graduates for Success: The AI-Powered Job Interview Simulation for Career Centers

A new way for your graduates to prepare for their job interviews

A new way for your graduates to prepare for their job interviews


Increase Graduates Employment Rate



Help your graduates succeed



Establish/Maintain a reputation for innovation

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Realistic simulated job interviews

Designed to mimic real job interviews as closely as possible, giving users the opportunity to practice and improve their interviewing skills.

Customizable questions

Users can select from a wide range of pre-written interview questions or create their own, allowing them to tailor their practice to specific jobs or industries.

AI-powered interviewers

advanced AI technology to create realistic virtual interviewers, providing users with a truly authentic interviewing experience.

Automated feedback

The simulation provides users with automated feedback on their performance, highlighting areas for improvement and providing tips for success.

Variety of industries and job levels

The simulation offers a wide range of industries and job levels, from entry-level positions to executive roles, giving users the opportunity to practice for a variety of job types.

Accessible on any device

The simulation can be accessed on any device with internet access, making it easy for users to practice their interviewing skills wherever and whenever they need.

Anonymized data

If a user allows, the simulation can use anonymized data to provide a more personalized practice experience and give better feedback.

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