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A new way to practice for your job interview
AI Interview Prep Coach

Introducing the World's Smartest AI Interview Prep Coach

LearnEQ,io is the first & only application that lets you get real interview practice without needing a live interview prep coach on the other end. And we build some serious AI tech to make that possible.

Fun facts
Users report 3x boost in confidence during their job interviews.

Did you know that users who engage with for just 10 minutes a day, consistently for two weeks, report a 3X boost in confidence during interviews?

50k AI Coach has been trained with over 50,000 real interview scenarios

Interestingly,'s AI Coach has been trained with over 50,000 real-life interview scenarios, ensuring users are prepared for a wide range of questions and situations!

We helped users land positions in over 100 different industries users have successfully landed positions in more than 100 different industries, showcasing the versatility of our AI Interview Prep Coach in catering to diverse career paths.

Users in average report 45% reduction in interview prep time

freeing up their schedules to focus on other aspects of their job search and career development.

A new & better way to practice
for your job interviews

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We believe that interview preparation shouldn't be complicated or stressful


Feedback that makes you

The key to acing interviews lies in constant improvement.


Makes you feel so confident

Confidence plays a crucial role in acing interviews and making lasting impressions on potential employers..

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AI Interview Prep Coach

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